The credit for the initiation of Urdu Drama and Urdu Musical Play has to be given to Nawab Wajid Ali Shah who ruled over Ayodhya during the period of British rule in India. This king took part along with his courtiers in musical plays the, theme of these musical plays centering around the immortal love of Radha and Krishna.

In 1953 a Parsee drama company presented Aga Hasra-assisted play "INDRASABHA' in Calcutta in full grandeur and glamour. Aga Hasra staged many plays of Shakespeare in Urdu. In that period Imtiaz Ali's play "ANARKALI" was another great success. Besides many playwrights translated Moliere's plays in Urdu Language.

In the post independence Urdu Theatre, the noted Urdu writers Krishna Chander , Upendra Nath Ashk Begam Zahidi and others contributed excellent plays. Mujib Ilahi Mohammed translated one of Lessing's plays under the title "BALINDAN"(Sacrifice). Ibsen's "GHOST", Rajendrasingh Bedis "CHANAKYA", Habib Tanveer's "AGRA BAZAAR" and "MITTI KA GADI" (based on Mruchchhakatik) deserve mention.

Krishna Chander's very popular farce "HAJAMAT", Mujavar Lakhanvi's "MUDRARAKSHASH" and plays by other dramatists such as "NAI ROSHNI", "WADI KI GOONJ", "ROTI", "KAMAL KE PHOOL", and Nadira Babbar's "YAHUDI KI BETI" are some of the popular plays of the Urdu Theatre.

Urdu Theatre has striven to advance along with the others in the Indian drama world but its struggle is with the cinema and TV serials.

A Note

The information presented here in respect of the Urdu Theatre has been gathered from available sources. It has been like an attempt to gather pearls from the ocean. It is possible that some happenings, names of some dramas and dramatists and drama artists may have been left out. For our lack of knowledge we seek your forgiveness and at the same time request the experts in this field to draw our attention to any errors or mistakes by writing to us the correct details. We assure you such corrections will be promptly carried out.

Further the names of dramas, playwrights and drama artists who are listed here are not in any order of priority of their qualities or achievements but only with a view to present the information as it has been gathered.

Lastly we once again request you to send in your suggestions, information etc. in respect of Urdu dramas and thereby enrich this humble record of the Urdu Theatre.



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