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Rajasthan's spectacular visual folk arts include "RAS", "ZOOMAR", "GAVRI", "BHAVAI", "SWANG", "KHAYAL" and "KATH PUTLI". Artist Ugamsinh specialising in the art of Rajasthani folk drama "KHAYAL" has won countrywide fame for his artistic excellence.

Going deeper into the history of Rajasthani theater we find that during the British rule, the kings of Rajputana, Alwar, Zalawad etc. often invited the drama companies of the old Gujarati Theater to perform their plays in their state capitals and other towns. After 1947 dramas written in Rajashtani language began to be staged in Jaipur. In 1958 Shyam Agrawal and Ranendra Bhargav presented the drama "UNDER SECRETARY" in Hindi. Thereafter D. P. Thukral, Maya Israni, Arun Mathur, Bharat Ratna Bhargav and others brought Rajasthani Theater on the center-stage of Indian drama. Mohan Maharshi trained himself in Delhi in dramatic arts and on his return presented plays in Jaipur. Institutions such as "ABHISARIKA", "KALA SANGAM", "BHARATIYA LOK KALA MANDAL". "JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA" came into existence for the promotion of Rajasthani Theater. The State Government founded the RAJASTHANI NATYA AKADAMI which actively encouraged the development of Rajasthani theater.

At present the notable theatrical personalities actively engaged with the Rajasthani theater are Bhanu Bharati, Sartaj Mathur, Rizvi Usman, Arjun Dev Charan, Manmohan Mathur, A. Hamidulla and others.

"BHOOMIKA", "JETHVA UJALI", "EKLAVYA", "EK AUR YUDDHA" are some of the Rajasthani language plays which have been highly successful. The influence of Hindi drama on the Rajasthani dramas is quite visible.

Rajasthani theater has kept pace with the plays of the other Indian languages to the extent of its strengths.

A Note

The information presented here in respect of the Rajasthani Theatre has been gathered from available sources. It has been like an attempt to gather pearls from the ocean. It is possible that some happenings, names of some dramas and dramatists and drama artists may have been left out. For our lack of knowledge we seek your forgiveness and at the same time request the experts in this field to draw our attention to any errors or mistakes by writing to us the correct details. We assure you such corrections will be promptly carried out.

Further the names of dramas, playwrights and drama artists who are listed here are not in any order of priority of their qualities or achievements but only with a view to present the information as it has been gathered.

Lastly we once again request you to send in your suggestions, information etc. in respect of Rajasthani dramas and thereby enrich this humble record of the Rajasthani Theatre.


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