"With a bow to Pitamaha - the grand father - BRAHMA and MAHESHVARA - the Great God Shiva - I shall relate the canons of DRAMA, as these were utteres by BRAHMA"
- Bharat Muni
At the begining of his Natya Saastra, Bharata thus offered reverent obeisance to Lord Brahma, the creator of Naatya (Drama) and to Lord Shiva, the creator of dance and proceeded to narrate the science of drama i.e. Naatya Saastra as enunciated by Lord Brahma.

Attributing the authorship of the science of drama to Brahma in the first stanza of Naatya Saastra, Bharata implied divinity to his work. The first chapter of Naatya Saastra deals with the birth of Naatya (Drama).

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