Rajendra Butala Presents - Shivam Creation's
"Kalapi" - A biographical Drama,
                      Written by Dr.Dhanvant Shah
- A celebration of Love, Poetry & Music.
Producer : Sheela Butala
Director : Mehul Buch
Writer : Dr.Dhanvant Shah
Music : Suresh Joshi
Art Director : Chel - Paresh
Starcast : Kamlesh Mota as Kalapi,
      Charul Bhavsaar as Ramaba,
      Neha Pakai as Anandiba,
      & Grishma Shah as Shobhna.

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The Drama "Kalapi" is a vibrant visual act out of the Book - "Rajvi Kavi Kalapi". Though it is difficult to stage out the entire play comprised in the book of 220 pages, all the efforts are made to brief the play and bring to you an excellently staged 2 ½ hour drama - "Kalapi" - A biographical drama of Love, Laws & Pain.

This Drama beautifully displays Poet Kalapi's life in brief putting in front of us the truth of history, truth about Sursinhji Takthasinhji Gohel - Known as Kavi Kalapi.

The play performed on gorgeously created set, on the stage puts you to surprise for a second as the impact is so very natural that for a minute it actually takes you into the Palace of Sursinhji in Lathi. Its lively atmosphere brings wonders to the play. The antique swing, the lanterns, Kalapi's favorite revolving chair, the fountain, the vivacious costumes & jewelry, etc. truly takes you into the era of Kalapi. The director's efforts surely deserve fantabulous appreciation. The dialogue delivery and performance of the artists is just above all the expectations. The poems sung live on stage by Kamlesh Mota - as Kalapi makes the play so very natural that it cannot be described in words.

Above all, the magnificent music by Suresh Joshi adds enormous amount of sheen to the entire creation.

Thus this drama is just not worth missing if you wish to experience the Truth, & a celebration of Love, Poetry & Music in a true gist.

To book the show, Contact - Tel : +91-22-23690654 or Email : kalapi@email.com

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