"Rajvi Kavi Kalapi" is a book on the great Poet Kalapi written by Dr.Dhanvant Shah.

This book is in the form of a play, which beautifully illustrates Poet Kalapi's life on Love, Laws and Pain. This book in the form of a play contains three acts and 34 scenes comprising 220 pages. It also illustrates 11 documentary appendix with photographs compiled in 100 pages.

Rajvi Kavi Kalapi - the book is a result of writer Dr.Dhanvant Shah's immense research and study on Kavi Kalapi for five long years. This book earns in front of you the historical truth of Kavi Kalapi's life. His life which revolved around his eternal Love, Laws, and Pain - which is strikingly reflected through Kalapi's Poems and Phrases.

The writer Dr.Dhanvant Shah has magnificently utilized his skills in providing us with the facts of this great Poet Kalapi, which while reading can be visually experienced in a vibrant manner. The book being in the form of a play vivaciously leaves behind a visual impact. It takes you along through the biographical tour of Poet Kalapi's life engraved with his eternal Love, Laws and Pain.

Renowned researcher Dr. Ramesh Shukla & Dr.Naresh Ved writes the prephace of this book. The book is published by Saurabh Shah Prakashan- Mumbai / Ahemedabad. The famous and spiritual saint Shri Moraribapu inaugurated the book on 23rd September 2004 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan- Chowpaty - Mumbai.

This book is available at the cost of MRP. Rs.300/-

To order, please contact : Mr.Saurabh Shah
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