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ParWa Infotech whole heartedly welcomes you on its WEB-SITE "BHARATIYA DRAMA .COM ."

The history of Bharatiya Drama is rich and glorious. Today also dedicated drama artists continue to preserve that rich and glorious heritage. Drama is not only a medium of popular entertainment but also a worthy instrument of nurturing and cultivating cultural values of the society and moulding the lives of the people.

Bharat is a land of people speaking different languages of a multi-lingual population. Each possesses its own glorious literature and culture which are reflected in the dramas of respective people. At the same time they have benefitted by drawing the best from each others literature and have presented the same in their dramas.

The British rulers gave us the English language which has today become the universal language- a link language of communication. If one desires to have an access to the rich treasures of world literature and culture, he/she can do so through the medium of English Language.

While the proponents of mothertongue intensely opposed education through the medium of English Language, the importance of the English language all along continued to increase, and today the situation is such that the Younger Generation has been coming up mostly with their education through the medium of English language. Today every social strata insistently desires their children to have education through the medium of English Language.

Speaking of drama and literature one can say that despite this tidal pre-eminence of the english language, the creative writing of best literary works and writing & performing of best plays continues with vigour in regional Indian languages. One could read the best literary works of any language in their English translations but how could one truly and fully enjoy the best plays of a language if one does not know that language?

I would like to tell you of my own experience and perplexion. when we children - myself, my brother and sister -grew up to the age of eight-ten, our father would take us to see 2-3 good plays every month. we had to compulsorily go, the condition being that we would be taken to see films only if we agreed to also see the dramas. One good play seen was equal to reading a good book-this was the dictum learnt by our young minds. Though our mothertongue being Gujarati, our parents would take us to see the best dramas of other languages; we would enjoy them, though at times they were difficult to comprehend. Sometimes the difficulty of comprehending some Gujarati dramas also would arise. So we put up a condition before our father that we would go with him to the dramas only if he were to tell us the Story-line of a drama before taking us there. And he would somehow obtain the story -line and would tell us.Thus we were able to enjoy and comprehend a great deal from the drama, we saw even if the language of the plays might be different.

On account of this personal experience a thought came up to my mind that there should be one place where there could be information about the dramas of different languages given through the medium of one language, so that drama lovers by reading -listening -seeing the story-lines of the dramas could get acquainted with dramas of any language and so equipped could goto the theatre halls to see the dramas of their choice.

This one place is WEB SITE and this common language is ENGLISH.

Any drama lover seated in his home in any corner of the world could at his convenient time obtain-read the details of any Indian regional drama of the respective language through the medium of English language and could also hear SNAPSHOTS of dialogues and see best scenes of that play through an audio-video clipping- this is our aim in launching the Website "BHARATIYA DRAMA.COM".

Besides producers can give only a few details about their dramas in their advertisements. More details would not be convenient for them. Moreover the newspapers have their range limited to a certain area and certain sections of the people. It is also not practical to create a WEB SITE for just one drama. Thus after becoming a member of this Website he were to add just one line in the advertisement of his drama saying "For more details and story-line please visit WWW.BHARATIYA DRAMA.COM."

And thus the drama lover would get all the information in English by visiting this WEB SITE.

"BHARATIYA DRAMA.COM" is a web site, one of its kind.

It is our humble effort to present through "BHARATIYA DRAMA.COM" and in the universal communication language of English - the glimpses and synopses of all the Indian dramas of all the regional languages.

Were any drama lover in any part of the world to visit this WEB SITE he/she would not only get details of the dramas but would have glimpses of the priceless treasures of Indian Theatre and thereby would comprehend the greatness of Indian dramaturgy.


This task involved deep research- a task in which I had the full benefit of my father Dr. Dhanvant shah's ample assistance and his blessings.

The search and preparation for all research material led me to painstaking collection of relevant material from " Gujarati Visvakosh" and other valuable books (listed on the web site ). I would like to whole heartedly express my thanks to all the learned authors of these volumes.

In case of any inadvertent error in respect of any fact is found in the information given on the web site , we request the learned experts to forgive us and immediately draw our attention to such errors. We assure you, we shall act upon it to the earliest.

We would also like to earnestly request all drama lovers to send in your suggestion for making any correction-addition in this web site.

We request the venerable scholars of each of the Indian languages to send us more information and researched articles in respect of dramas of your language so this web site becomes richer and more capable of acquainting all the drama lovers of the world with the richness and progress of the Indian Theatre, because the Indian Drama from ancient times has been a creative force, a Vanguard and a Leader and also forward-looking every moment of the present age.

With bowed head I offer my prayers at the feet of goddess Sarswati and Rangmanch. I bow to you all dramatists and drama lovers and seek from you all support, co-operation and blessings.

FOR ParWa Infotech


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